•  Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band

    Hosbilt™ began in 1994 as a workshop-based drum manufacturing business in Kincardine, Ontario. What started as a small Canadian company quickly grew to become one of the pipe band world’s most favoured and instantly recognised choices of bass and tenor percussion instruments.

    About the Creator

    At a very young age, Hosbilt™ owner Craig ‘Hoss’ Colquhoun adopted Jim Blackleys’ Perpetual Student Theory:

    The world of drumming has so much to offer that there is no possible way that anybody could ever consider themselves to know it all”.

    He developed a diverse interest in all sorts of percussion from jazz to world beat and his education ranges from private to ensemble jazz studies with some of the world’s greatest players.

    In a career spanning 3 decades, Craig applied his percussion know-how to the pipe band arena, winning numerous awards for bass drumming including:

    • 3 times Canadian champion,
    • 3 times United States champion,
    • 6 times North American champion and
    • 3 times RSPBA world champion.

    All of these awards were accomplished with Craig using an instrument that he crafted himself. Making the most of a blend of his talents for mechanical design and musical knowledge; for Craig ‘Hoss’ Colquhoun, designing his own drums seemed perfectly natural.

    Birth of Big Bottom Sound

    Craig’s drive to create his own drums came from a search for a sound that he couldn’t get out of any marching bass drums available on the market at the time.

    I always had this idea that a bass drum could sound like an upright bass in a jazz band. I knew that the sound I wanted could only come from a free floating shell like the old rope drums, but rope drums are very difficult to maintain tension on. So I came up with the idea to use a turnbuckle to draw the counter hoops together evenly without a drum key. It has been said that the evolution of rope tension drums has come to the present by the Hosbilt tensioning system”.

    Many other bands liked what they heard from Craig’s own drum and very soon they began to ask if he would make some for them also. From there, the demand exploded rapidly and soon Craig realised that there was a real demand for these instruments in the market. 

    In a remarkably short period of time the extraordinary Hosbilt™ drums have forever changed the sound of the modern day pipe band. Hosbilt™ drums have gone into mass production and have been played in numerous world championship winning performances.

    Hosbilt Today

    Today’s Hosbilt™ bass and tenor instruments possess the same prize winning traits as their original predecessors – great build quality, great design, great sound that pipe band musicians and enthusiasts the world over have grown to appreciate. The research and development of new ideas is active on a constant basis, many of which appear as new product lines available via this website.