Carbon Fiber Hoops

  • Carbon Fober Hoops

    The new Hosbilt™ Carbon Fiber hoop design is the biggest change to bass and tenor drum design in the last 20 years. Using random strand heat treated Carbon Fibre technology,  Hosbilt™ has eliminated the need for claws and wooden counterhoops.

    The Sound Quality

    The resonant quality of the Hosbilt™ Carbon Fiber hoops are the key to the advancement in resonance in the new drums. The hoop design and structural integrity allows the tension to be applied evenly to the entire circumference of the head.

    The configuration in which the counter-hoop rests on the flesh hoop of the head provides a free coupling between the shell and the head, allowing the collar of the head material to resonate to it’s maximum capacity. The hoops themselves resonate at frequencies that are sympathetic to the tuning range of each drum, which allows the entire instrument to resonate as a complete instrument.

    Through field testing Hosbilt™ has proven that even ‘Original Hosbilt’ drums can be improved by the implementation of these hoops.

    Advantages of Carbon Fibre over Wood

    Carbon Fiber’s advantages in hoop design over the qualities of wood are many:

    • Free resonance,
    • Consistent quality of manufacturing,
    • High structural integrity resisting warpage,
    • Strong impact resilience giving added protection when transporting,
    • High strength to weight ratio giving high strength with low weight,
    • Eliminates the need for claws,
    • Finish and material stands up to the rigour of the outdoor performance environment of pipe bands.

    Where to Buy

    Hosbilt™ Carbon Fiber hoops are available to order from our network of international distributors.