Pimp My Hosbilt

  • Pimp My Hosbilt - Get Pimped!

    Hosbilt™ has re-designed the turnbuckle incorporating tubular technology. This is in stride with the goal of creating lighter stronger hardware for the tensioning systems. Turnbuckles are available as complete units to replace worn and tired turnbuckles of the past.

    Available with new turnbuckles or with T-stud adapters that allow the user to make use of their existing Hosbilt™ turnbuckles.

    Carbon Fiber hoops are available as a replacement kit.

    Carbon Fiber hoop kits are currently available in 14″, 16″, 18″ and 28″, with more standard sizes in development.

    Where to Buy

    Find out more about Pimp My Hosbilt™ and how to order from our network of international distributors.