Pipe Band Series Drums

  • Meet the all new Hosbilt Pipe Band Series

    Meet the all new Pipe Band Series of bass and tenor drums by Hosbilt™. Built to the highest standards associated with the Hosbilt™ name, the Pipe Band Series drums use the same shell specifications from original Hosbilt™ drums. We have also introduced technological advances new to pipe band in the hoops and hardware. Carbon Fiber hoops ensure consistency and durability while our new ‘key-free’ T-stud turnbuckle tensioning system allows for unrivalled quick and easy tensioning. Our new generation of drums are light, strong and sound superb and are available in a variety of sizes.

    Bass Drums

    Hosbilt Pipe Band Series Bass Drum

    The new Hosbilt™ Pipe Band Series bass drums are available in the following sizes: 

    • 28″ x 14″
    • 28″ x 16″
    • 28″ x 18″

    Tenor Drums

    Hosbilt Pipe Band Series Tenor Drums

    The new Hosbilt™ Pipe Band Series tenor drums are currently available in sizes:

    • 14″ x 12″
    • 16″ x 12″
    • 16″ x 14″
    • 18″ x 14″

    Where to Buy

    The Hosbilt™ Pipe Band Series is available to order now from our international network of distrubutors.